Wendy Weldon began playing with paint as a young girl in her mother's art studio on a farm in Indiana. She studied art at Bard College, Silvermine College of Art, Santa Rosa Junior College and the Boston Museum School.

Wendy has been painting as a professional artist for over forty years and knew in the beginning that her strength was with color.

For many years Wendy's paintings were primarily color-field. There were architectural hints of doors and windows, mysterious spaces left unexplored for the most part. Then she explored those areas with more focus. The paintings were more personal and specific. The palette changed.

There was more structure and less mystery. She was fascinated by artifacts, religious icons and unusual stones. Her collection of these objects continue to appear in her paintings from time to time.

From rectangular and circular shapes, to beds and lamps, stairs and lintels, personal imagery, her work now includes, stones in land and sea walls, barns of all sizes, and birds and leaves. The images may change but the intensity of the color remains constant. She documents journeys and events, honors lost friends, and explores relationships between interior and exterior spaces, both physical and emotional.

She spends her days painting in her art studio in Chilmark, Massachusetts with her dogs as her constant companions.

Her work may be viewed at NORTH WATER GALLERY in Edgartown, MA and FIELD GALLERY in West Tisbury, MA


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